Three articles of interest about Mark

All from the Toronto Star.

  • I remember turning the pages of this newspaper and seeing Mark Leduc staring me in the face. Mark was one of seven people pictured in an article by Alan Barnes (“Personal triumphs applauded,” 1999.05.07) that described the winners of the Courage to Come Back Awards.

    Mark Leduc, 37, of Toronto, whose cocaine addiction and street life led him to crime. While serving prison time for armed robbery, he began a boxing career that culminated in a silver medal at the 1992 Olympics. He has warned students about the danger of drug abuse and is an active volunteer for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundations [sic].

    Mark Leduc recovery article in ‘Toronto Star’ 1999.05.07

    I have reason to believe Mark still drank too much (despite his protestations on Locker Room that he was the kind of personot drink) and still did drugs, albeit much later, perhaps into the 2000s. Drugs and/or alcohol certainly played a role in his collapse and death in 2009.

  • Both times Mark got arrested for B&Es or robbery, they actually made the paper.

    • “Facing 21 charges altogether are Mark Leduc, 18, of Lindylou Rd., North York [continues] (Gwyn [Jocko] Thomas, “Artist’s memory, sketch leads [sic] to burglary arrests,” 1980.11.13)

      Mark Leduc arrested for B&E at age 18 1980.11.13

    • “A Metro policeman captured two armed holdup suspects at gunpoint yesterday minutes after an exclusive Toronto store was robbed of up to $700,000 in jewelry. […] Mark Leduc, 22, of Leslie St. has been previously arrested and charged with robbery” (Gwyn [Jocko] Thomas, “Policeman captures 2 armed[‑]robbery suspects,” 1984.06.27). If I’m not mistaken, it was this crime that sent Mark to Kingston Penitentiary.

      Mark Leduc again charged with robbery 1984 1984.06.27