Mark Leduc on ‘Locker Room’

Locker Room was a not-great show on PrideVision, the original name of what is now OutTV, the Canadian gay and lesbian TV channel. Mark made an appearance on the show (roughly 2004), which I happen to have a videotape of.

Watch it on Vimeo. (Shitty but word-accurate captioning is available.)


PAUL DeBOY: All right, so this is the end-to-end bag, and it’s basically teaching you to avoid a punch. Does it teach you about balance and stuff too?

MARK: Balance, timing, quickness – it’s like an opponent, basically. Unpredictable where it’s coming from, different angles.

— Yeah.

— So – hits you on the head, you’re not gonna get—
As soon as your chin’s up in the air, boom!

— Boom!

— You jab with your left.

— Jab with my left.

— Which is this one.

— Yeah.

— So jab. Jab. Punch there. Yes. Left. Boom. You’re a natural, kid.

— You were in the Olympics too.

— Yeah, I competed in the Olympics. It was my – the highlight of my amateur career was the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

— And you won the silver medal.

— Silver medal, Barcelona. I got to come out publicly. It was great.

— Yeah, I guess so. Was it a press conference?

— Yeah, I think it was a press conference, and it was on radio, and on TV – TSN did a little segment.

— God, now, that’s coming out, though.

— Yeah. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it. This gay thing, this gay thing – enough already with this gay thing!

— Yeah.

— Be an athlete.

— Yeah.

— Be an athlete. Be a person.

— Because they’re not gonna write that on my tombstone, you know: “Paul DeBoy: Gay.”

— So when you get locked up with somebody, do you just like – do you hold just holding on to—

— So you’re inside. So you wanna get your body punches. Come up like this.

— Yeah.

— Boom. Both sides. It’s fun, huh?

— Yeah, it’s really fun. So you like to go out and cause – cause trouble? Is that what I hear?

— Yeah, I cause a little shit.

— What kind of shit do you like to cause?

— Huh?

— Just go out and—

— Chase all the beautiful boys.

— Have you ever taken the low blow?

— [Gravely] No….
Then I kind of let sports go completely, never worked out for years and years. And then I started drinking a little bit. Some people just simply should not drink, and I think I’m one of them. Not that I get violent or anything. But I, you know, I kind of – when I drink I just kind of tell people how I really feel about them, which is, you know, sometimes not good.

— No, no, sometimes it’s not good.